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  • Welcome to KIDROP

    We are making Changes

  • Welcome to KIDROP
    KIDROP is India's first
    Public Private Partnership to tackle
    infant blindness prevention in rural areas

India’s first & the worlds largest single hospital network of
Tele-ROP screening services


What is KIDROP?

Premature infants who are born prior to 34 weeks of gestation (6 weeks before their due date) are at increased risk of developing various health complications when compared to infants that are born full-term (37-40weeks of gestation)....

Dr. Anand Vinekar

Head, Dept. of Pediatric Retina & Tele-ROP services at NN
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  • Our Mission

    We at KIDROP are committed to creating, employing and continuously improving infant eye screening to detect and manage potentially blinding conditions using imaging and its customized analysis, on-site and remotely using the vehicle of Tele-medicine, to provide rapid and accurate algorithms of clinical care and research insights for the betterment of our tiny patients.

  • Our Vision

    To reduce preventable and avoidable infant blindness using technology and passion

  • Who funds KIDROP?

    Narayana Nethralaya Foundation funds KIDROP as a part of her social responsibility. In keeping with NN’s principle that “no child must go blind for want of financial resources”. Since 2009, KIDROP entered into India’s first public private partnership in infant blindness prevention with the National Rural Health Mission, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka, India.

How does it work?

KIDROP has trained technicians to screen infants in the peripheral centres (where no specialists exist) using the Retcam Shuttle (Clarity MSI, USA) and store, read, analyse, grade and upload these images from the rural centre itself using an indigenously developed internet based PACS system which also delivers these images live to the remote expert on his or her iPhone or PC or iPad and receives live reports delivered through the internet based server for the technician to read and provide.
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The year witnessed 18,540 infant imaging sessions (grand total is 1,14,578 since inception), 4645 new premature infants...
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